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What is PunchLok II & Where Can I Get a Punchlok Tool?
Robert Rubio

By: Robert Rubio on February 19th, 2020

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What is PunchLok II & Where Can I Get a Punchlok Tool?

Metal Deck | PunchLok II

If you have Punchlok metal deck specified on your job, you might be wondering what it is. If you already know what it is, then you probably want to know how to get your hands on a Punchlok tool. Western Metal Deck is here to

help. We have been supplying Punchlok Metal Decking and the tool since the first Punchlok system was introduced over a decade ago.


In order to help you with your Punchlok metal decking project we will go over a few of the basics. A big component of installing PunchLok II metal deck is the installation tool. Here at Western Metal Deck, we rent the tool for those who purchase decking from us. We will go over our Punchlok II tool borrowing process.

What is the PunchLok II Metal Deck System?

Punchlok II is a patented pneumatic mechanical crimping system used to hold together the sidelaps of both Verco and Vulcraft metal roof and floor decking. Installation requires the use of the Punchlok II tool. The Punchlok connection system creates a higher diaphragm shear value than traditional button punching, stitch welding or stitch screwing methods of attachment. The Punchlok system cannot be used on any other manufacturers material.

When do I need the PunchLok II system?

The Punchlok system is required whenever the structural drawings call for Punchlok decking. The letters PL will usually be listed in front of the decking type. Or VSC2 (Verco or Vulcraft Sidelap Connection) will be listed as the seam attachment type on the drawings.


On occasion, the drawing may call out for regular decking but the attachment type will specify VSC2. It is important to review your structural drawings prior to placing your metal deck order so that you purchase the correct type. Below is an example of a call out for regular type B deck, using the Punchlok system. The correct call out should be type PLB-36, since the seam attachment specified is VSC2.



How do I get the PunchLok II tool?

Punchlok tools are loaned on a per job basis. The tool cannot be purchased by any contractors, subcontractors, or owners. You will need to have purchased Punchlok decking in order to borrow the tool. The paperwork and shipment are usually coordinated by the company from which the decking material was purchased.


How do I get a Punchlok II tool for my metal deck job?

Western Metal Deck will loan a Punchlok tool to our customer according to the following guidelines:

  1. The borrower must have purchased Punchlok metal decking material from us.
  2. A refundable deposit of $5,000.00 is required in the form of a company check due upon pick up of the tool.
  3. The check must be from the same company that purchased the Punchlok metal decking.
  4. We issue a refund of the deposit immediately when the tool is returned.
  5. The borrower must approve and sign the Verco Decking, Inc. Security and Deposit Agreement PunchLokⓇ II Tool.
  6. The borrower is responsible for picking up the Punchlok tool and returning the tool if they are within 50 miles of Western Metal Deck’s office in Ontario, CA.
  7. If the borrower is more than 50 miles away Western Metal Deck will ship the PunchLok tool to them on the customers UPS or FedEx shipping account.
  8. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return the tool at their own expense.
  9. If shipping the tool back via UPS or FedEx, the borrower must include insurance for the $5,000.00 tool.

How long can I use the PunchLok II tool for?

The size of your job will determine how long you can borrow the Punchlok tool for. Due to limited number of PunchLok II tools available, we loan the tool after the decking is spread and fastened down. Once this is done the next step is to Punchlok the sidelaps. At Western Metal Deck, the amount of time we loan you the tool will depend on whether the job size is small, medium or large.

Small Job Size - 5,000 square feet or less

If a job size is under 5,000 square feet it should take less than 4 hours to completely Punchlok the job. We loan the Punchlok II tool to our customers for 3 business days as follows:

    • Day 1: Tool is picked up or received by the customer.
    • Day 2:Tool is used on the job.
    • Day 3:Tool is returned or shipped back to Western Metal Deck.

Medium Job Size - 5,000 to 20,000 square feet

If a job size is between 5,000 to 20,000 square feet we loan the Punchlok tool for an extra day. We loan the tool for 4 business days instead of 3 as follows:

    • Day 1: Tool is picked up or received by the customer.
    • Day 2: Tool is used on the job.
    • Day 3: Tool is used on the job.
    • Day 4: Tool is returned or shipped back to Western Metal Deck.

Large Job Size - Over 20,000 Square Feet

If a job size is over 20,000 square feet, the length of time we loan the tool will vary. It is determined on a case by case basis. The decision will depend on the particular jobsite circumstances.


Next Steps for Jobs with PunchLok Specified

If you have PunchLok II specified on your plans your first step is to find a metal decking supplier that will furnish you a Punchlok II tool. Verify that you are purchasing Punchlok II metal decking and that a tool is readily available. This ensures that your metal deck has the necessary sidelap for performing a Vercor Sidelap Connection (VSC2) using the PunchLok II tool.

Once you have purchased the correct  metal decking, your next step is to install the deck. The Punchlok II tool is only loaned out for a limited time, which is why you want to borrow the tool once you are ready to use it. Be sure to give your supplier a couple of days notice, so that they can reserve a Punchlok II tool for you.

At Western Metal Deck we stock PunchLok II Metal Roof Deck and PunchLok II Metal Floor Deck available for same day pick up or delivery. We have PunchLok II tools available to loan out to customers who have purchased the Punchlok decking from us. 

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About Robert Rubio

Robert Rubio is the President of Western Deck & Steel Erection. He has been in the steel construction industry since 1970 and is a Journeyman Local 433 Iron Worker.