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Types Of Trash Enclosures And Trash Enclosure Gates
Paul Rubio

By: Paul Rubio on June 4th, 2020

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Types Of Trash Enclosures And Trash Enclosure Gates

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Do you have a job that requires a trash enclosure? Most commercial buildings will require a trash enclosure structure, but there’s just not a lot of information available online. That makes finding someone that can build a set of trash dumpster gates a difficult procedure.

At Western Metal Deck, we talk to customers every day that need metal decking for trash gates. In fact, we sell so much of it that we carry metal decking specifically for trash gates. In this article, we will answer the most common questions about trash gates.

We will cover:

  • What is a trash enclosure?
  • What is a trash enclosure gate?
  • What type of material is used to build a trash gate?
  • How do I purchase a trash enclosure?


What are Trash Enclosures?

Trash enclosures are a structure built to provide shelter for a trash dumpster and for recyclable materials. Normally, these are constructed of solid masonry walls and will have a roof. They have two gates that open from the center to provide access.


What are Trash Enclosure Gates?

Trash enclosure gates are the swingable gates designed to be the main access point for the trash service provider. The trash gates have to be able to take a lot of abuse so they are constructed of heavy gauge structural steel and metal decking.


Materials Used To Build Trash Gates


The frame of the trash gate is made from angle iron that’s normally painted to match the look of the building. The trash gate frames are always custom fabricated to the specifics of your job.

The steel panels that go on the gates are made from metal decking. Most trash gates are made from B Deck and most commonly the thickness is 20 gauge. It is an excellent idea to use an even heavier gauge because these gates take a tremendous amount of abuse.

Trash collectors hit the gates with the truck and slam them shut. They don’t really care about denting the metal decking. A trash gate that’s made from heavier steel will last longer and won’t dent as easily. In fact, 16 gauge metal decking is almost twice as thick as a 22 gauge steel. The gates themselves don’t use that much material. Upgrading the thickness of the metal decking is a minor cost increase that will yield a superior product.

At, we provide trash gates as light as 22 gauge and all the way up to a 16 gauge thickness. Once the gates are completed, the metal decking is painted to match the building


Types Of Trash Enclosures

There are lots of styles of trash enclosures. Each job is unique and the requirements are always different. Therefore, trash enclosures are always a custom build. Here are the main styles of trash gates:

1. Swingable gates without a roof

These types of trash gates will have one or two entrances that consist of a large gate that has two sides and a locking mechanism in the center. There is not a roof on this type of structure. This gate is best when it’s locked in a secure facility so people don’t climb the walls and rummage through the trash dumpster.

trash-enclosures-1Photo credit: Fusion Metalworks


2. Swingable gates with a roof
These are the most common types of trash gates. They consist of two large swinging gates and have a roof to protect the dumpsters from the elements. This type of trash gate will cost more because of the additional fabrication and material needed for the metal roof.

A roof is best if the enclosure is in an unsecure area and exposed to the weather. The roof will prevent someone from accessing the dumpster and shelter the dumpster from the rain or snow.

metal-deck-trash-gatePhoto credit: Fusion Metalworks

3. Swingable gates with an access door with or without a roof

This is the most expensive type of trash enclosure due to the additional access door. It’s also the most convenient. If you have a typical commercial business you will be accessing the trash enclosure to throw away trash bags. It’s much easier to enter the enclosure through a door versus opening the heavy gates.

trash-enclosures-2Photo credit: Fusion Metalworks

How Do I Purchase A Trash Enclosure?

You cannot log onto Amazon and purchase a trash enclosure. It’s something that will be specifically built for your job and fabricated to exact requirements. In most instances it will require hiring two different types of companies.

The trash gate enclosure normally has masonry walls. This will be built by a contractor that specializes in this type of construction. They will build the structure and a different contractor will build the gates and roof.

The majority of trash enclosures gates and roofs are built by steel fabricators and welding shops. The process is straight forward, just contact a local company and provide them with the general design type and dimensions. They will provide a bid and then fabricate and install the trash gates and roof.


Where Do I Purchase Metal Decking For The Trash Gates?

Metal decking is normally used on the trash gates and it’s easy to locate. Your best bet is to google metal deck and your area. If you find someone that keeps metal decking in stock, they will be able to cut the panels to size for your trash gates.

At Western Metal Deck, we have B deck in stock in whatever gauge and length that you need. If you are building a trash gate and need a small quantity of metal decking quickly, we have you covered. Metal decking can be cut to size and shipped within one day. Let us provide you excellent service and pricing. Don’t worry about the shipping as we have route trucks that ship anywhere in the country quickly and inexpensively.

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