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Are you a steel fabricator, general contractor, or engineer looking to learn about metal decking? Learn about roof deck, floor deck, Punchlok. Read our metal deck blog.

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Metal Deck | Button Punch | Pneumatic Parker Punch | Deck Demon

By: Kathy Midence
May 28th, 2020

Maybe you have done a few metal deck jobs and had to attach the sidelaps using a button punch tool. You might have been able to borrow this tool free of charge or you just had to pay to rent the tool. Whatever the case, you are now ready to own your own button punch tool.

Blog Feature

Metal Deck | Button Punch | Deck Demon

By: Paul Rubio
February 6th, 2020

If you install metal decking regularly then you already know that the most popular sidelap connection specified on projects is the button punch connection. You also know that the only way to accomplish a button punch connection is with a button punch tool.