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What Is Verco PLB-36? [Definition, Types, & Uses]
Paul Rubio

By: Paul Rubio on October 8th, 2020

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What Is Verco PLB-36? [Definition, Types, & Uses]

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Do you have a job that has PLB-36 metal decking specified and you need to learn more about it? You’ve probably installed B decking in the past, but have never purchased PLB-36. PLB-36 is a relatively new product when compared to the typical type of B deck.

At Western Metal Deck we’ve been supplying metal decking for thirty plus years. Sure, we inventory and sell Verco PLB-36, but in order for our clients to get the right steel decking for their projects, we need to do our part to help educate them.

In this article we will cover:

  • What Is Verco PLB-36?
  • PLB-36 vs B Deck Vs HSB-36
  • What Is Punchlok II?
  • Where Can I Get The Punchlok II Tool?
  • Types Of PLB-36
  • Where Can I Buy PLB-36?


What Is Verco PLB-36?

PLB-36 stands for Punchlok II in a B Deck profile at 36” width. It’s a 1.5” deep structural metal roof deck manufactured by Verco Decking, Inc. The Punchlok II system yields greater shear values than a typical B Deck.

Engineers have started to specify this type of metal decking because you can use a lighter gauge steel to accomplish the shear values of heavier gauges. It also eliminates the need to top seam weld the sidelap of the metal decking.

The installation of the metal decking will be much quicker without the top seam welds. This will save you money on your labor costs.


PLB-36 Vs B Deck

If you were to look at B deck and PLB-36, the two would look identical. The panels themselves are the same in both material properties and geometry, but the method of the sidelap connection is different.

The sidelap of the Verco PLB-36 is attached using a Punchlok II system. This is done by using a pneumatic Punchlok II tool to crimp the sidelap of the metal decking.

B Deck will require the sidelap to either be button punched or top seam welded.



What Is HSB-36?

HSB-36 is manufactured by Verco Decking. It stands for high shear B Deck at 36” wide. B deck is simply a common term for a style of 1.5” deep structural roof deck. HSB-36 is the trademarked name for Verco’s style of B Deck.

It’s critically important that you supply the exact type of metal decking that’s in the metal decking specifications. If HSB-36 or PLB-36 is the only specified metal decking then you cannot supply a different manufacturer’s decking unless you get it approved by the project's engineer.


What Is Punchlok II?

When compared to typical metal decking, Punchlok II is a metal deck system that has the greatest diaphragm shear values, requires less welding, and allows you to use a lesser gauge steel. This metal decking system can only be used on Verco or Vulcraft steel decking. The way that the decking becomes Punchlok is when you use a Punchlok II tool to attach the metal decking sidelap.

For a more detailed description of the Punchlok II system, check out:

Punchlok II Metal Decking: A Complete Guide

What Is A Punchlok II Tool?

This is a hand-held tool that weighs about 50 pounds. It’s pneumatically operated and it joins metal decking sidelaps of the PunchLok II system. The side lap attachment that’s created is called a VSC2 crimp, which stands for Verco Sidelap Connection 2.


Where Can I Get A Punchlok II Tool?

You cannot purchase a Punchlok II tool. It must be borrowed on a job by job basis. The company that sells you metal decking will normally arrange for the use of the Punchlok II tool.


Types of PLB-36


As mentioned earlier, PLB-36 is a specific type of metal decking. It’s a non-cellular structural metal roof deck. However, there are two additional types of PLB-36 that can be specified for jobs. The profile of these panels are similar, but they are designed for different applications and have a slightly different name.



PLB-36 AC is a type of B Punchlok decking, but the “AC” stands for acoustical. The sides of the decking will have lots of small holes and a sound batt will be placed in the void. Acoustical decking is used when the noise in a building needs to be reduced. It’s used in gymnasiums, auditoriums, theatres, and anywhere else where loud noise is an issue.




PLB-Formlok is a type of B Punchlok decking, but the “Formlok” means that it’s a composite floor deck. This type of decking will have concrete poured on top of it. The sides of the decking have embossments that allow the decking and the concrete to bond together. It’s used as the floor of a building.



Where Can I Buy PLB-36?

It’s important that you purchase PLB-36 from an expert that sells this type of material regularly. The main problem you will have when purchasing this type of metal decking is that you have to find someone that’s capable of getting you a Punchlok II loaner tool. This is especially true for jobs that are under 10,000 square feet.

There are only two ways to secure A Punchlok II tool. In both instances, you have to use Verco or Vulcraft decking. You cannot use Punchlok on a different manufacturer’s steel decking.

  1. Buy it directly from Verco or Vulcraft. This is only an option if you have a large job and you will need an account. They will not just open an account for anyone and especially if the job is under 100 squares. You have to be a regular customer or the project needs to be really large.
  2. Purchase the metal decking from a Verco or Vulcraft distributor, such as The function of a distributor is to sell these small jobs and coordinate the use of the Punchlok II tool. The steel mill just does not want to deal with lots of small projects.

Keep in mind that not all Verco distributors have tools that are readily available. At we have multiple Punchlok II tools in stock that are ready to be loaned out. The only catch is that we only loan out tools on jobs that we sell. Prior to purchasing Punchlok II metal decking, it’s important to verify that your vendor can get you the Punchlok II tool in a timely manner.

Do you have a job that has specified Punchlok II?

Learn more about Punchlok at our metal decking Learning Center. Western Metal Deck has the largest inventory of Punchlok II metal decking in stock on the West Coast. We can ship your material anywhere within the USA and we offer same day service.


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