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Metal Deck Blog

What are Metal Decking Shop Drawings? Definition and Details

Calender April 03 at 01:45PM

If you are a subcontractor who has been awarded a project with metal decking for the first time, it may surprise you to know that you the subcontractor are responsible for providing the metal decking shop drawings.


Metal Roof Decking: 1.5" Deep Type B & 3” Deep Type N

Calender March 27 at 02:02PM

When you find yourself with a project that has a call out for metal roof deck, it is important to know your options. Metal roof deck comes in different profiles and each has different dimensions that affect the panels overall strength. A panel that is stronger will span longer distances, but will also cost more. Depending on how far you need your panel to span, will help determine which panel is right for you.


How to Operate the Punchlok II Tool: What Equipment Will I Need?

Calender March 19 at 04:23PM

If this is your first time encountering a job with the Punchlok II tool requirement, you probably have a few questions. You’ve probably already learned where to get the PunchLok II tool, and what the tool used for. But one of the most important questions that you probably have is: how do I operate the PunchLok II tool?


What is Vented Metal Decking? What Contractors Need to Know.

Calender March 13 at 11:11AM


Vented metal deck is not a typical callout. If you are a contractor and deal with metal deck regularly, then you already know that. But what happens when you suddenly find yourself with a project calling out for vented metal deck? What is vented metal deck? And do I really need it?


Choosing the Correct Saw And Saw Blade For Cutting Metal Decking.

Calender March 06 at 09:32AM

So you’re a steel fabricator and you have been awarded a metal deck job. You’re used to hanging iron, but not installing metal decking. You have looked around the internet and the only thing you can find are articles that talk about cutting deck with a grinder or a skill saw.

If you had a couple of sheets that would be fine, but on a project of any substance you need to have the correct equipment. Otherwise, you will bleed money on labor cost. This article will explain which equipment should be used to cut metal decking properly.


How To Cut Metal Decking A Guide To Cutting Roof And Floor Deck

Calender February 27 at 09:00AM

So you’re a contractor and you’re doing a small metal decking job. You have never installed metal decking and you have no idea how to cut metal decking. Don’t worry we have you covered. Our goal is to teach you the basics and walk you through the important safety precautions that you may have otherwise overlooked. We even made a video that shows you a step by step guide to cutting metal decking.


What is PunchLok and Where Can I Get a Punchlok Tool?

Calender February 19 at 01:18PM


If you have Punchlok metal deck specified on your job, you might be wondering what it is. If you already know what it is, then you probably want to know how to get your hands on a Punchlok tool. Western Metal Deck is here to help. We have been supplying Punchlok Metal Decking and the tool since the first Punchlok system was introduced over a decade ago.


How To Use A Metal Deck Button Punch Tool: A Step By Step Guide

Calender February 13 at 11:21AM

So you’re a contractor and you have a small metal decking job. You do not know what a button punch is, you have no idea how to button punch metal decking, and you do not know where to borrow, rent, or buy a button punch tool. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

Don’t worry this blog will quickly answer all of these questions.


A Review of The Deck Demon Button Punch Tool For Metal Decking

Calender February 06 at 04:31PM

If you install metal decking regularly then you already know that the most popular sidelap connection specified on projects is the button punch connection. You also know that the only way to accomplish a button punch connection is with a button punch tool.


Borrowing or purchasing a button punch sidelap connection tool for metal deck

Calender January 30 at 09:54AM

The most common type of sidelap connection for metal decking is the button punch. To perform a button punch, you will need to use a button punch tool. But where can you find one of these tools? And how do you go about renting or purchasing one?