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Metal Deck Blog

A Comprehensive Guide to Acoustical Metal Roof Decking

Calender July 02 at 11:35AM

Are you preparing a bid and the design drawings call for acoustical metal decking? If so do not make the assumption that it is just standard metal decking.


What Is HSN3-32 Metal Roof Deck? [Definition, Types, & Uses]

Calender June 26 at 10:00AM


Do you have a set of plans with HSN3-32 metal roof decking specified and you need to learn more about it? You’ve likely installed lots of metal decking projects but have never heard of this type of metal deck. That’s because it’s a new product that’s intended as an alternative to N Deck.


How Much Does My Metal Deck Weigh?

Calender June 19 at 04:17PM

This is a question we get asked often and it’s one that you are probably asking yourself. You need to know how heavy your bundles are or if your truck can even pick up the metal deck.

You already know that the gauge of your metal deck is a big factor in the weight, but why does weight vary between panels of the same size? Why exactly do two different types of metal deck with the same gauge have a different per square foot weight?


What Is Metal Roof Decking? Why Is It Used On Buildings?

Calender June 12 at 02:30PM


While you’re working hard to price a job with metal deck on it, you are asked if it is roof or floor deck? You’re not an expert in metal deck, and you may not have even realized there was a difference. In looking deeper at the plans you discover that it is in fact roof deck. Now you need to learn whatever you can so that you price the job correctly and don’t lose money.


Types Of Trash Enclosures And Trash Enclosure Gates

Calender June 04 at 04:33PM

Do you have a job that requires a trash enclosure? Most commercial buildings will require a trash enclosure structure, but there’s just not a lot of information available online. That makes finding someone that can build a set of trash dumpster gates a difficult procedure.


Manual Vs Pneumatic Button Punch Tool: Which Is Best For Me?

Calender May 28 at 03:37PM

Maybe you have done a few metal deck jobs and had to attach the sidelaps using a button punch tool. You might have been able to borrow this tool free of charge or you just had to pay to rent the tool. Whatever the case, you are now ready to own your own button punch tool.


How to Spread and Fasten a Metal Roof Deck

Calender May 22 at 03:29PM

If you are a steel fabricator and new to metal deck installation then installing a metal roof deck may seem like a complicated process. In fact, you won't find much help on the internet in terms of how to actually install a metal roof deck.


What Is Metal Deck? Definition, Types, And Uses Of Metal Decking

Calender May 15 at 10:11AM

Have you ever heard the term “metal decking” or “steel decking”, and wondered what it actually means? Maybe you have a set of plans with metal decking specified and you need to learn more about it. We will cover all of the basics in this article.


What Gauge is Metal Decking? Common Metal Deck Thicknesses

Calender May 08 at 04:01PM

If you have ever purchased metal, then you’ve been asked to specify the thickness or what gauge needed. If you are purchasing metal deck, then be prepared to be asked this same question. This is because there is a wide range of steel thickness. In general, steel sheet metal can range from 7 gauge to 30 gauge. However, the range of gauges that metal deck is manufactured in is a smaller range.


How To Bundle A Metal Decking Job & Make a Bundle Location Plan

Calender May 01 at 04:01PM


When you have a metal deck job and are asked to provide a bundling and location plan, you may find it to be overwhelming. A multi-story building can have metal deck that needs to go to many different areas. Metal deck bundles are heavy and typically over 20 feet long. They are not easy to move around, so you want to make sure you have a good bundling and location plan.