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Metal Deck Blog

Punchlok II v. Button Punch: Why Job Size Matters

Calender January 14 at 09:41AM



What is B Deck? (Types, Gauges, and Finishes)

Calender January 07 at 08:18AM

Type B Deck is the most common structural metal decking in the industry. It is an ideal structural substrate on short to medium span conditions that range from three feet to ten feet in distance. B Deck is lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install. The panel in the image below is 1.5” deep and 36” wide. It also has 6 (6” wide) ribs with a male and female leg to create an interlocking sidelap.


Different Types of Metal Decking Finishes (+ Lead Times)

Calender December 26 at 04:25PM

Do you have a metal decking job and do not understand the finish that is specified on the plans? In this article, we will discuss the different finishes and when it’s best to use each of them. The four finishes we will review are:


How Do You Paint Galvanized Metal Decking?

Calender December 19 at 01:24PM

Most metal roof deck jobs are galvanized. Since you normally install a built up roof on top of the metal deck the color of the finish is irrelevant. Once in awhile though you have an uncommon condition in which you need a structural product that has an architectural finish. Your job requires a panel that has a galvanized substrate, can span a long distance, has structural engineering, and requires a nice looking paint finish. It would seem like such a product would exist, but it does not.


Punchlok II Metal Decking: A Complete Guide

Calender December 12 at 08:23AM


How would you like to save a ton of time and money on your next metal roof deck project? Punchlok II has the ability to eliminate top seam welds and allows for the use of a lighter gauge steel in many instances. However, it is not right for all applications. In this guide we will explain the Punchlok II system and the VSC2 side lap connection. We will specifically talk about whether it is correct for a roof deck or a floor deck application.


Metal Deck: Punchlok II® vs Button Punch (Shear Values, Material & Labor Cost)

Calender December 06 at 11:32AM

An installation cannot be done correctly without the right tools. When it comes to metal decking, two of the tools most often used are either a Button Punch or a Punchlok II/VSC2 for side lap connection.


5 Problems When Using PunchLok II For Small Jobs and How To Solve Them

Calender November 21 at 08:36AM

Do you have a small job, under 10,000 sq. ft., in which PLB-36, PLN-24, PLN-3, or 1.5PLB Punchlok II metal decking has been specified in the plans? Maybe you are trying to find out where to buy the metal decking or find a PunchLok II tool?


How Much Does Metal Deck Cost (Rates, Factors, & Fees)

Calender October 25 at 09:30AM


The cost of metal decking varies. There are several factors that impact the cost of metal deck, such as the cost of steel, the thickness of the steel, type and finish. What this means is we aren’t able to put up a list of our pricing, since those factors cause the price to vary. The aim of this article is to go through some of these factors to help aid you in preparing your budget. You will be able to obtain a clearer understanding of which factors make the decking cost more and which cause it to cost less. Below we will go over 5 of the top factors that affect the cost.


Metal Deck: Floor Deck vs Roof Deck

Calender October 24 at 11:46AM

Metal Decking is manufactured in a few different forms. The two most commonly used are Composite Metal Floor Deck and Non-Composite Metal Roof Deck. It is important to know the difference when you go to purchase, so that you order the correct type.